"She belonged in libraries and book stores. She left her heart between the pages of her books."

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nature & vintage blog

nature & vintage blog

I want to stand with mountains
from shoulder to shoulder
in a stone crushing embrace
welcoming me to a freedom
I never knew I craved;
a detachment in time and space
from everything that chains me
to a life made in the minds
of others.

I want to stand with a crisp breeze
pressing in on my lips
rushing through the lobes of my lungs,
like the kind of kiss that takes
my breath away, and trips me
feet first into a seduction fresher
than first love, a romance deeper
than the one that threatened
to put a name on me.

- A.B. 04/05/2014



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(via Trails, Cinque Terre, Italy | Gardens | Pinterest)

God's Kite by (皮叔)