Yesterday you appeared out of nowhere; out of a memory or a dream I once had. A dream I have every now and again. But you’re a dream that never stays. Until yesterday.
Yesterday you drove straight into the illusion I built for myself. You awoke me.
You broke me, like you always do.


{ eternal summer }

This life is fractured.
Every word reverberates
in the cracks that already exist
causing them to propagate
between lovers,
childhood friends,
teachers and students.
Relationships bridge gaps all the time
but cracks are too minute
to notice, and before you know it
you’re falling through the brittleness
of your fractured life.

- A.B. 22/08/2014

Just like that, the conversation was over.
Four years of intimate conversation
Three years of noisy resistance
Two years of struggled remembrance
One year of numbed silence
No more half-hearted attempts.

But I can still remember the conversation
At the beginning; inspired and wondrous,
And one of a kind.

- A.B. 22/08/2014

Looking North.

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